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"I have learned so much from my own personal experiences in natural body building and I use this knowledge everyday when I work with my clients."
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Elania Carrera

My fitness journey didn't start in the gym. A lifetime lover of the outdoors, I have been active all of my life, be it by hiking, swimming, kayaking, skiing, or dancing my worries away!
Perhaps by luck, those wonderful youthful hormones gifted by mother nature or my active lifestyle I was able to get by with a physique I was comfortable with until my thirties.
After I turned 30 and had baby number four, I had to get much more serious with my lifestyle in order to shed the ghastly 50+ pounds I had packed on (and even more so when I had baby # FIVE at 35 years old!!)
I was a proud mother, but has a bad case of postpartum depression. The absolute most impactful tool that I found to combat it was exercise. I followed a nutrition plan and started cycling everyday. I began to recruit other new moms in my area to join me. I hosted a popular Meetup Group in my local park, and started leading "Mommy and Me" classes. Our workouts were very practical, using a jogger stroller and our kiddos for resistance, and even mimicking the use of a kettle bell with our bambinos! haha!
I came to enjoy the daily serotonin boost and the community the classes were cultivating. In 2009, I became certified as a Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness/ Boot Camp Instructor.
I launched a series of classes I called "Curvy Combat", geared towards a female client base, and under a HIIT (high intensity interval training) format that was mostly self-defense or "combat" oriented.
Zumba was all the rage at the time, but I often times found participating in those classes as little frustrating if I couldn't follow along with the Instructor right away from not knowing the choreography.
Combat themed workouts, instead, became my JAM!!
Over the following decade or so, I added to my group class modalities and opened up to a co-ed audience. As the needs, desires and goals of my client base have evolved, so have my offerings. I have since become a Certified Silver Sneakers Instructor as well as a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor. I have taught a variety of group fitness classes including: Kettlebell, HIIT Step, Low-Impact Toning, Cardio Kickboxing, Kettlebell Kickboxing, and most recently Yoga, Group and Personal Training as well as Body and Lifestyle Transformation Coaching.
In recent years I have added to my repertoire a newfound love of weight training. At 40 years old, after five children, I challenged myself with competing in several bodybuilding competitions, winning a number of titles including an Overall win as best in show.
Though I am still on a journey of my own that includes accomplishing many more goals, my true passion lies in helping others realize their worth and assisting them in making themselves a priority.
Often times we give so much of ourselves in the process of living that we forget the simple notion that you cannot pour from an empty cup. I am a firm believer that the stronger, the healthier and more at peace with yourself you are, the more you bring to the table.
Having an accountability partner alongside you really helps you zone in on your goals, and makes the process way more fun and challenging. It is never too late to start reversing the clock on the aging process, and becoming the best version of yourself there is!
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