I joined Gymbo’s in October of 2015 knowing that I needed a drastic life change. I had graduated from college feeling like my life was slowing slipping away from me. I had gained a significant amount of weight in those four years and I felt stuck and helpless. During college, I learned horrible eating habits and turned to food as the answer for everything. Something needed to change and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

After talking fitness with my uncle during a family party he knew that everything I needed was right up the road at Gymbos Gym. I was never super athletic growing up and was always told that I didn’t have the endurance for any extreme sport. That all changed stepping into Gymbos. From day one Jim believed in me and made me feel that I was truly capable of anything. I slowly started believing in myself and before I knew it I was able to do walking lunges holding 45lb dumbells and lifting more than I could have ever expected!

Training with Jim and his team of trainers has been the most incredible experience. They have a turned a coach sitting girl into someone who loves lifting and actually looks forward to working out. They taught me everything there is to know and worked with me on achieving my fitness goals. I am beyond proud to say that I have lost over 40lbs and gained a significant amount of muscle in the two years I have been training. I have exceeded every expectation I put on myself and would not be where I am today without the help and the amazing support I have received at Gymbos!

I would highly encourage anyone to train at Gymbos, it WILL change your life!

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